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BBC looking for Landscape Artists

The BBC has sent us an invitation to enter the Landscape Artist of the Year programme. See under.   Sky Arts Flyer

Allan Adams | “The Speculative Rood”

Allan Adams FSAI, has produced artwork for a presentation entitled “Speculative Rood”   Allan says…  “My recently commissioned drawing of the rood screen at St Andrew’s church, Heckington is now on YouTube. Carolynn and I went to the amazing performance and exhibition. Many thanks to Simon Bowen and Tim Shaw for asking me to work on this immersive project” The Video may…

Any Old Iron

Here’s the latest from Jon Willcocks FSAI – his rendition of a 4:8:2 locomotive. Jon labels the sketch ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ so maybe it’s operated by the Canadian tour company of the same name. Perhaps Jon can elaborate.