I’m a UK Registered Architect and I’m also registered in Melbourne Australia. During my time working in practice I worked on large and small projects across most sectors but mainly Commercial and Transport Infrastructure.

As such, I have a strong understanding of the evolution of designs and the requirements of visualisations at various stages. My “sketches” fill the gap in the design process as visualisations before the design is fully resolved enough for a detailed CGI visual. They have the advantage of being fast, typically taking a day or two from the initial meeting and briefing.  Of course, I can produce more polished images if time permits and intern develop visuals as the design evolves.

My drawings can be large and detailed or quick and loose, full colour or black and white, to suit the specific needs of the visualisation.

In developing a drawing I can work from scratch to produce the base sketch or work up print outs from 3D modelling software. I’m happy working independently or in close liaison with a design team and drafts can be issued at any stage to confirm the view and content. The final pen and inks are then scanned and worked up in Photoshop. This allows for amendments to the drawings, testing design options and various colour approaches. It also makes the final digital image instantly useable.

My drawings have played key roles in competition bids and have provided explanations of designs that weren’t possible with a conventional CGI visual. They’re also able to suggest the ‘spirit’ of a design at a very early stage, giving clients confidence in the ongoing design process.

I’m based in York, but able to travel anywhere in the UK and also undertake work across time zones; working during their night to deliver files in their morning.

drawing on architecture

drawing on architecture

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