@C17thLucy Scratch the surface though and there is more in common than is different. Me said that. 😉 - 8h ago
@CarrJuniorYork Well done! - 8h ago
@CarrJuniorYork Well done! - 8h ago
@CarrJuniorYork Well done! - 8h ago
@thelonggallery Thank you for this blog post. Much appreciated. 😊 - 9h ago
@C17thLucy @Serlianna More than wealth like that. Prince Rupert would know of the extra appeal methinks. 😉 - 9h ago
@C17thLucy @Serlianna I can recommend Fraser. She covers domestic life pretty well, especially good on why widows were a good catch... - 10h ago
@C17thLucy @Serlianna There is a good deal about Brilliana Harley in the latter book. - 10h ago
@C17thLucy @Serlianna I have a book about these wartime ladies, "The Weaker Vessel: The woman's lot in seventeenth-… https://t.co/T7AIENJzbY - 10h ago
@Serlianna @C17thLucy Wikipedia connects her to Bramptton Bryan in Herefordshire, a key route into Wales and hence… https://t.co/WK5FN7Ew1c - 10h ago

I recently retired from Historic England (formerly English Heritage) having workd on a range of projects illustrating historic buildings. Much of my recent work has included reconstruction drawings, bringing ordinary buildings back to life.

I have been illustrating historic buildings since 1981 creating drawn records for archive purposes, illustrating books and other publications. My long experience of illustrating historic builidngs led to my election as a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 2008.

drawing on architecture

drawing on architecture

Take possession of the stunning new book of the SAI. With over 150 full-colour pages demonstrating the breadth of talent in the SAI, this is the invaluable guide to architectural illustration.

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