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Working on my next commission of a Cheltenham house. This is the drawing stage and I will send further installmen… https://t.co/BKXPmKsKKD - 24 Aug

The profile pictures below reflect considerable experience with architectural painting, using a strong version of watercolour.

Clients have included Blenheim Palace (all four sides, or ‘Fronts’) and Royal Historic Palaces (Hampton Court Palace, 15 images) as well as many country houses, private commissions and working with architects (Perspectives).

Brian also has a PGCE (Art & Design) and a Degree in Music (Classical Singing). He runs two Galleries in Gloucestershire and publishes art for four talented regional artists, and produces a large quantity of creative framing.

A million years ago, Brian started by being a professional photographer so would be well equipped to attend sites closer than 150 miles.

He has three grown up (allegedly) children and lives in Cheltenham.

drawing on architecture

drawing on architecture

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