From time to time the SAI awards an Honorary Fellowship to eminent Architectural Illustrators. Proposed by one of our Council Members, Chris Lock FSAI, we welcome Fujio Yoshida to our Society. Mr. Yoshida has retired after contributing considerably to the field of architectural illustration in a noted manner and for the exceptionally high standard of his work.


To begin, art runs in my family. My grandfather opened the precursor to Tokyo University of Arts painting school (Tokyo Fine Arts School?) and two of his schooled students became famous Japanese Impressionist artists of the Meiji Era (Shigeru Aoki and Hanjiro Sakamoto). My father too was a fine art teacher.
Early on, I worked at Issiki Architects & Associates designing and supervising various complex architectural projects. I became interested in visualizing my ideas and sketched buildings and landscapes. After working in an architectural office I realized making exceptionally high quality perspectives is very important and so studied the art of perspectives harder.
My work was influenced by Helmut Jacoby and Carlos Diniz. A few decades ago articles I wrote on these artists were published in JARA’s journal of the time.
My personal illustration style was influenced by my passion for architecture. I named my office Pers Planning, meaning “perspective planning” but my work includes proposals that come under “planning”.

1997 My “Osaka Station Renewal Proposal” was published in the hardback book “Architecture in Perspective” by the ASAI for the “12th annual international competition of architectural Illustration.”

1999 I had an illustration in “Art of Architectural Illustration” edited by former ASAI Chairman Gordon Grice.

2004 I was presented with an “Award of Excellence” for my “New York City WTC Plan and Proposal” at the ASAI “19th international annual competition.”

2006 I received the “ASAI 2006 Formal Category Award” at “Architecture in Perspective 21 international competition” for my “New York City WTC Plan B Proposal.”

Now I am fully retired I am no longer open for commissioned work.

drawing on architecture

drawing on architecture

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