Matthew Trapnell
BA(Hons) DipArch PGCert (Urban Design) RIBA
Based in Bristol, I am an architect with 25 years’ experience, having been involved in many award-winning projects. My interest in buildings is matched by a desire to create well-designed places, which has entailed further study in urban design and a move into this field. I now concentrate largely on illustrating proposals, using my understanding of the built environment to create credible, inspirational visuals.

Working closely with the client and designers, suitable viewpoints are selected, normally – though not always – using 3D models. Because of my experience, I am happy to work independently and iterations are rare. Drawings are usually prepared in pencil and then scanned before being rendered digitally – this allows for any revisions to be made, experimentation in colour and also easy circulation.

For most schemes, ranging from small infill proposals to urban extensions, it is often useful to use a bird’s eye view, showing the proposals in their context. Perspectives are used to convey designs in the streetscape and to show further detail.

Drawings are used by clients for a number of purposes – as a means of inspiring stakeholders at early stages of a project, for public consultation exhibitions, planning applications and for press releases.

Clients are varied and embrace public bodies, such as local authorities, and private companies including most national housebuilders.

drawing on architecture

drawing on architecture

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