Canotto Pizza Shipping Container Project


Chumleys Illustration was commissioned to provide 3D visuals for a new business venture of a Pizza take-a-way in a shipping container.

Taking the clients sketches, we modelled the scene in 3D taking into account the full clients brief and internal layout and how it would be sited on site in an out of town shopping area. These visuals were used to obtain landlords approval to the plans and subsequent planning permission from the Local Authority.

Eventually these will be used for media and press release too, as and when required. If the client needs a 3D fly around the site, its pretty easy to create this because al of the work has been carried out already, for a little more expense, the video can be delivered and promotion really starts in earnest. Such a great project to work on, we even designed the pizza boxes and e-bikes on the forecourt for them.

The Illustrator

Richard Childs MSAI

Illustrator specialising in 2d plans & elevations, Exteriors, Interiors, Animation

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