Adriette Myburgh MSAI


I’m the founder of the visualisation practice ‘Architecture In Perspective’, which specialises in hand drawn illustrations that are digitised to describe complex architectural designs and large scale urban development projects in a wholly accessible way. I’m dual qualified in Fine Arts and Architecture, which enables me to produce a high standard of work that adds humanity, artistic integrity and great value to any presentation.
No project is too large or too small, and drawings can be prepared to any desired level of detail, which means that budget-friendly, high-quality illustrations can be commissioned that would be suitable for smaller projects.

I have the expertise and experience to illustrate large and complex projects as well, having participated in numerous successful planning submissions for some of the largest urban development proposals in the UK and abroad.

I am the go-to Artist for swift, top-tier results.


  • Illustrator
    • Exteriors
    • Interiors


  • Line & wash
  • Marker, pen & ink
  • Digital 3D