Andrew Christoforou MSAI

Illustrator & Model maker

I have always had a love for design even from a young age. Over the last 14 years I have been refining my style and techniques to produce quality 3D images. I earned my Batchelor’s degree in architecture in 2008 and I have worked for many years in this field producing architectural drawings for Planning and Building Control. I utilise this architectural foundation to give my 3D images an extra degree of realism which my clients require. I desire to bring my designs to life with my 3D images. It is incredible when clients get so excited about their project when they see their visuals for this first time.
I started out in the 3D visualisation industry by producing images for an established Architectural Practice in Purley, Surrey. Subsequently I formed iVisualise3D (now known as Visualise Ltd) in 2010. Over the years I have continually refined my self-taught techniques, utilising advances in technology and programming to produce outstanding 3D images for developers, estate agents, auctioneers, other architectural practices, my own architectural clients and for Planning Consultants. The 3D animation and visuals I have produced have supported Planning Appeals and Planning Applications. My own devised technique utilises a combination of different 3D software programs and artistic layering methods through post producing of the rendered imagery to create images which are bespoke to each and every project.


  • Illustrator
    • 2d plans & elevations
    • Exteriors
    • Interiors
    • Animation
  • Model maker


  • Opaque media
  • Watercolour
  • Line & wash
  • Marker, pen & ink
  • Pencil, pastel, graphite
  • Digital 3D