Ben Irving MSAI


My name is Ben Irving and I’ve been an architectural artist for nearly 20 years. I’ve worked in house for several architects and visualisation studios as well as being self employed.

I have a degree in architecture but whilst undertaking my part 2, I decided that I preferred the artistic representation of buildings rather than the design of them and have forged my career from this. I have a varied style and produce CGI’s as well as hand drawn sketches.

For my CGI work, I work from either submitted drawings (plans and eles etc) or pre-built digital 3D models. The model is created or tailored to my workflow before being textured, lit and the required views established. This is then rendered and brought into Photoshop where I carry out the post production work. Some images require more post work than others and this is dependant on the style required.

For my hand drawn imagery, I build models to use as a base to draw over and add detail to. These are produced as A3 sketches that are then scanned and hand coloured within photoshop. I then add details and effects to achieve the final pieces.



  • Illustrator
    • 2d plans & elevations
    • Exteriors
    • Interiors
    • Animation


  • Watercolour
  • Marker, pen & ink
  • Digital 3D