David Valinsky MSAI

Illustrator & Photographer

I am a qualified architect, having studied at Cambridge University and the Cass School of Art. Since early 2019 I have also been working as a professional architectural photographer, turning a passion into a parallel career. My architectural interests are wide-ranging and, as my website demonstrates (davidvalinskyphotography.com), I enjoy photographing buildings old and new, large and small. Many of my photographs are available through the RIBA’s digital image library, RIBAPix, as well as through the online photography library Artur.com.

In addition to photography I regularly produce drawings of architecture, principally in pencil and pen & ink, though I also sometimes use charcoal or pastel.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning a recent project that I have undertaken with the support of Drawing Matter, the architectural drawings collection, that arose out of a fascination with the German baroque and rococo. In 2017 I travelled to Munich to survey and photograph Johann Michael Fischer’s masterpiece of St Michael in Berg am Laim, with the intention of producing a set of orthogonal drawings to better illustrate this wonderful building. To produce these I have developed a collage process combining digital line drawing, pencil drawing, photography, pencil shading and pencil colour.

I am based in Cambridge with easy access to London, the south-east and East Anglia.


  • Illustrator
    • 2d plans & elevations
    • Exteriors
    • Interiors
  • Photographer


  • Marker, pen & ink
  • Pencil, pastel, graphite