Juliana Aschwanden MSAI


I was born in Brazil, where I studied Architecture. After publishing my book about plants for landscape architecture, I moved to Switzerland, where I got a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture.

After working in the environmental industry for several years, I decided to dedicate myself to environmental issues through art as well. In 2017 I earned a master’s degree in Illustration at the renowned Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU). Since then I’ve been working as an illustrator. My main focus is on children’s publishing, editorial, and architectural illustration.

The visual narratives I design through architectural illustrations are made by hand digitally, allowing more flexibility, without losing the artistic touch and quality of a real painting.

Besides digital work, I paint watercolour and draw with pencil, which I make more often as an Urban Sketcher.



  • Illustrator
    • 2d plans & elevations
    • Exteriors
    • Interiors


  • Watercolour
  • Digital 3D