About the SAI

The world’s oldest and most prestigious architectural illustrators’ organisation, the Society of Architectural Illustrators has attracted patrons including Sir John Betjeman, Sir Hugh Casson, Gordon Cullen and our present patron Ben Johnson. Membership is recognised as a professional qualification worldwide.

SAI members work in all disciplines including illustration, animation, model making and photography. They provide architects, developers and designers with high-quality visual representations for use in concept design, presentations and marketing, helping to communicate ideas and bring architecture to life.

2018 saw a revised Constitution which enlarged upon the original ‘Objectives’ to re-define the Society’s aims as:

AIMS. The Society’s aims are: “To promote the knowledge and appreciation of architectural illustration, which includes model making and photography, in the professional and public domain, and to encourage, and support practitioners in this craft. To give formal recognition to practitioners, maintain and enhance our country’s fine tradition in this specialised field of visual communication for the benefit of its members and the community at large”. 

Administration office. 2019

Rosemary Cottage, Bletchinglye Lane,
Rotherfield, East Sussex, UK TN6 3NN.

Tel: 01892 852578
Email: [email protected]

History of the SAI

The SAI was founded in 1975 to encourage the use of architectural perspective and models as an integral part of the communication process between architects and the general public.

The SAI was the first organisation worldwide to bring architectural illustrators and allied professions together in one society, provide them with proactive services and promote excellence across all disciplines.


  • Foster the use of the Architectural Perspective as a necessary communication medium between Designer and Layman.
  • Acknowledge the time-honoured status of Architectural Illustration and formalise its position as that of a separate discipline.
  • Establish high standards and the conferring of a professional qualification to those meeting such requirements.
  • Make regular distribution of details of members to potential clients and provide a clients’ advisory service.
  • Hold exhibitions and meetings as required by the membership.
  • Issue journals and newsletters for the exchange of ideas between members.
  • Provide guidance and help in matters of contracts, copyright and other legal and business affairs.
  • Provide an effective human instrument of friendship and co-operation between members.

The Future

The SAI will continue its work to maintain the high standards for which its members are renowned. We will continue to support the use of architectural illustration and all other types of visual representation. We will work hard to promote our members and their work.

Dedicated to playing our part in the evolution of our industry, we welcome all new members, including those who are using cutting-edge technology and innovative methods to portray architecture in its environment.