Author: Hoi Yat Tsoi

I am a qualified architect, currently working as an associate for London-based Pollard Thomas Edwards. I have had over 16 years of working experience in various architects’ practices and 7 years of post Part 3 experience. A major part of my daily work is to produce free-hand sketches to convey our design intents to the clients, planners, consultants and our internal team members. Quite often I have to produce ‘artist’s-impressions’ myself for planning, consultation and publicity purposes. Although we do normally contract out such tasks to independent artists, for maximum speed and efficiency, we sometimes prefer in-house productions. I set up my own studio, idvision STUDIO, 2 years ago and started to take small commissions as my ‘weekend hobby’. During my school years, I always illustrated my ideas with watercolour. I have acquired abilities to build 3d models and reder CGIs over the years from work. Nowadays, most of my ‘line & wash’ illustrations are being done with a pen tablet, which means my ‘free-hand’ drawings are in fact digital.

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