Architectural photographers take images of whole structures, general views or fine details of the exterior or interior of a building or structure.

Architectural photographs are used in photomontages to show the proposed building in its context or for marketing and advertising purposes once the building is constructed. Once establishing ones name, private clients may also wish private albums of high quality, specialist photographs.

Large negatives or initial images are required for the large scale prints needed (A4 size and up): The high degree of definition and detail required in architectural photography necessitates skill and specialist equipment including lenses and movable planes of focus to correct the distortion, including converging verticals, which always occur when photographing any building or interior. Currently the minimal acceptable cameras are medium range format cameras using 120 film, while the usual and preferred are field cameras providing up to 10×8 inches or larger negatives. For more see “Photography Equipment” thread on the SAI forum.

For further information please contact SAI adviser Chris Lock FSAI.

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