CPalmer MSAI


Having completed an apprenticeship as a draughtsman, I decided I wanted to follow a more creative path. Thus spending the next three years studying Architectural and Technical Illustration at art college in London.

After a career spanning some twenty years working in studios and agencies in and around London, I settled in Marlborough, Wiltshire where I work from my studio/gallery shared with other artists producing artists impressions, house portraits, teaching watercolours and selling original paintings and limited edition prints.

Please see my website for more illustrations and detailed information:




  • Illustrator
    • Exteriors


  • Watercolour
  • Line & wash


@DowdEdward She doesn’t have a clue! - 25 Jun 24
Shops Along Marlborough High Street by colin @domestika - 25 Jun 24
Watch “Burford High Street” by @colin_artist on #Vimeo - 25 Jun 24
Another Pro Marker sketch. Devizes books in Wiltshire - 25 Jun 24
I just uploaded “Detailed” to #Vimeo: - 25 Jun 24
"My name is Colin Palmer and I call on the Secretary of State for Health, @SteveBarclay to #SuspendTheMRNAjabsnow u… - 25 Jun 24
I just uploaded “Cottage on The Green - HD 1080p” to #Vimeo: - 25 Jun 24
I just uploaded “SavernakeDentist” to #Vimeo: - 25 Jun 24
I just uploaded “AlisonVideo - HD 1080p” to #Vimeo: - 25 Jun 24