George Cummins


I am a retired architect. I produced architectural illustrations for my practices and also for other clients when required. My preferred medium is pencil and watercolour and my approach was generally to produce formally measured perspectives which could stand scrutiny by planning authorities and client board members as to the accuracy of the image portrayed. However, when appropriate I would provide looser sketches using pen and wash. Though now retired I am continuing to paint and illustrate many subjects as well as architecture and  buildings in the environment. I hope to improve my technique and abilities in order to see if I have such further potential. I have also joined the Scottish Society of Architect Artists and have prepared a portfolio, part of which is presently on exhibition with the SSAA.

I have also published a Facebook page called Ashwood Gallery as a forum for exhibiting on the internet.


  • Illustrator
    • Exteriors
    • Interiors


  • Watercolour
  • Line & wash