Solo Exhibition of Paintings 'Travels with my Art'

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The Illustrator

Chris Fothergill FSAI

Illustrator specialising in 2d plans & elevations, Exteriors

My passion lies here in painting for my annual solo exhibition. It is where I can ‘do my own thing’ entirely! I like to go abroad for a week on my own with my sketchbooks and paints each Spring, and bring back inspiration for paintings of, say Italy or Spain. Mostly a mixture of architecture in the old cities, but also the character of the landscape. This year I am including ‘Cities of Umbria’ in addition to paintings of Venice and the Cotswolds. The way to sell my paintings is to get myself ‘fired up’ when painting! Only then does the enthusiasm pass to the public. The exhibition went live on my website from the 10th October 2010.

Exhibition location: The Westwoods Centre, Bassett Road, Northleach, Gloucestershire GL54 3QJ
8th – 10th October 2010