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The SAI brings together the world’s leading architectural artists, illustrators, model makers, animators and photographers – dynamic, progressive, professionals who bring architecture to life.

Members of the SAI work in all disciplines and for architects, developers and designers in all industry sectors. We use the full spectrum of techniques from time-honoured traditional methods, including watercolour and pencil to the latest cutting-edge CGI technology, photo-real imagery and animation.


Architectural illustration helps architects and developers to communicate their ideas and plans using visual representations.

A powerful tool that taps into our need to imagine or visualise, architectural illustration, in common with all forms of architectural representation, allows the viewer to see into the future.

Model Making

An architectural model allows your development to be viewed from any angle.

The proposed building can be seen within the context of its surroundings, an essential tool for planning application. Design issues can be dealt with at an early stage, thus avoiding costly changes later.


Architectural photographers take images of whole structures, general views or fine details of the exterior or interior of a building or structure.

Architectural photographs are used in photomontages to show the proposed building in its context or for marketing and advertising purposes once the building is constructed. Once establishing ones name, private clients may also wish private albums of high quality, specialist photographs.


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drawing on architecture

drawing on architecture

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