Robert Kirkman


1/32" (1:384) scale Model
Proposed National Theatre and Opera House (NTOP), South Bank, London.
Architect: Denys Lasdun and Partners.

Model (hollow core construction in balsa wood and acrylic) was designed and built to illustrate the exterior / form of the proposed theatres: Olivier, Littleton and Saddlers Wells in context with its neighbouring buildings. It was made as a finished presentation model for the client: The National Theatre and Saddlers Wells Companies; also the South Bank Board, the Greater London Council (immediate riverside neighbours), the Shell Oil Company, Lambeth County Council Planning Department, the Port of London Authority, various Government ministers and, not least, the press.

Sadly the construction costs for the build were considered to be too high and the Opera House was axed.

The model still exists and is sometimes on display at the occasional exhibition about the architect, the NT or just in connection with architecture. Much to Robert's chagrin it does not have his name on it! Well that's life mate!

The Illustrator

Robert Kirkman FSAI

Illustrator & Model maker & Photographer specialising in 2d plans & elevations, Exteriors, Interiors

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