Midland Metro Alliance Wednesbury to Brierley Hill Extension Visuals


As Pell Frischmann’s Visual illustration Lead, Chumleys Illustration’s task on the project was to deliver the visual illustrations and animations for this leg of the 12km project. We also provided driver’s eye animations and a VR walk through experience of this stage of the route viewed through smart phones, tablets, computers and VR goggle headsets.

The animations were used on the BBC Midlands Today Programme and on other media publicity around the region.

The main task, however, was design validation of the design teams designs. Working with 2D/3D models, the 3D BIM ready visual illustration model was created and any issues with the design was re-issued back to design teams for assessment and redesign. Visual illustration, especially on this project, is very much part of the design suite nowadays.

The Illustrator

Richard Childs MSAI

Illustrator specialising in 2d plans & elevations, Exteriors, Interiors, Animation

Similar style by Richard Childs and other SAI members