Office Mural Design Concept


A local company requested Chumleys Illustration services to design a mural for the office wall celebrating 25 years in business.

Depicting all the high quality projects they have delivered over the years, whether it’s time-lapse video animations or security and CCTV projects, there was plenty to add into the scene.

The wall was surveyed and scene created in Adobe Photoshop and SketchUp Pro for the mock ups - for animated step-by-step demonstration, see my web site for details. CGIs were also created before orders were placed with the company who would add the wallpaper to the wall.

The original intention was to draw the designs directly onto the wall but the quality was just as good for wallpaper coverings and time and money was saved by choosing this option. The final result was well received by company representatives and visitors alike.

The Illustrator

Richard Childs MSAI

Illustrator specialising in 2d plans & elevations, Exteriors, Interiors, Animation

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