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Pen Ink | Watercolour | Line and Wash

Estract: London-based architect and illustrator Christian Coop draws what he loves, architecture - a process he says allows him to better understand why a building was composed in such a way, or to notice details that few other see. "Each building has a narrative in its form. but also in its history," he explains. And Pulteney Bridge in the English town of Bath is no exception. One of only four bridges in the world to have shops across its full span on both sides, the 18th-century structure over the River Avon is a classic example of Georgian architecture. "Most bridges take you from one place to another, but this one is a destination in and of itself, Coop says. "When painting it, I noticed the pared-down decoration and realized the grand vision was not the bridge itself but the future townscape of which the Pulteney Bridge is a striking part."

The Illustrator

Christian Coop MSAI

Illustrator specialising in Exteriors, Interiors

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